I thought this sculpture was ugly, until…

I saw the photograph I had taken of it as the tram I was riding passed by in the distance.  The sculpture, called “Male/Female,” is located at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI.  It was crafted in aluminum by American artist Jonathan Borofsky in 2001 and is several stories tall.  It just seemed jarring, juxtaposed with the wild grasses of the gardens.

When I downloaded the picture, I was shocked.  The sculpture seemed to blend into the gray, cloudy sky, softening the edges, making her look vulnerable against the elements.  I couldn’t stop staring it, thinking it like a women, standing tall in the face of the world.

It is amazing…the power of photography.


4 thoughts on “I thought this sculpture was ugly, until…

  1. It is interesting – the impact of art. In Charlotte, the city where I currently live, there is a lot of art. Some of it is leaves a lot to interpretation. We have a light rail system that runs into the city which I use from time to time. There are these huge, rusty looking disk ‘sculptures’ that line the route. They generally irritate me. I wonder why anyone would place these orangy-brown pieces anywhere in direct vision. They look rusty, ugly. But, they DO generate emotion. I get irritated. I WANT to touch them to see if they ARE rusty. I WANT to know the background of the artist and what he/she was thinking when they created these pieces. So even when art is annoying, it is still riveting!

    • Very well said, Penny. I saw this one sculpture of a huge, rusty I-beam fashioned into a huge spiral–it looked like a giant curly fry. It looked like it belonged in a scrap yard. I guess that is why art is such a gray area and open to interpretation.

      Thanks for subscribing to my blog!

      PS. Using my pseudonym, in case you are wondering.

  2. I used to live in Grand Rapids, MI and often visited Fred Meijer gardens for their summer concert series. The sun setting over the sculptures and the amazing exhibits made for a truly unique and amazing musical setting. So happy someone else got a sense of joy from the city I once called home!

    • Thanks for reading my blog.

      I have been to two concerts there and it was such a wonderful experience. It was amazing to be surrounded by such beauty and listening to great music. I live on the east side of the state, but I plan to go back again next summer. I was in GR during the Betty Ford funeral and didn’t get to see the museum, and several others downtown.

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