Sculptures I Liked at Meijer Gardens

I visited the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in July.  It is so beautiful.  I was surprised by my reactions to some of the pieces–it was usually “wow,” “oh,” or “hmm…”

When I looked at my photos, I had more time to contemplate and get a feel for what the artist what trying to convey.  Mostly, I either like it a lot or not so much.  The first one I came across, at the entrance of the gardens, was the huge, black “Bent of Mind.”  I loved it.  When I saw the name, I loved it more.  It reminding me of myself, whom I have discovered lately is slightly bent.

I really liked the new sculpture “Neuron.”  It looked like lightening with sun’s rays reflecting wildly, not unlike a firing nerve cell.  Next time I go, I will get more pictures from different angles.  I also loved the way the sun reflected from the bronze “Disk in the Form of a Desert Rose.”  It was reminiscent of a rose bursting from the earth, which immediately reminded me that one day, all that I can be will burst from me with no chance of going back.

My favorite sculpture was the “Men of Letters”–the photo placed at the top of my blog.  We weaved through the forest, around a bend, then there they were–magnificent!  The faces and hearts are open which is indicative of writers, I think.  For me, I could see these “writers” with their letters (words) on the outside, but empty inside.  This reminded me how I feel like I am jammed up with letters, unable to get them out; opposite of these men of letters.

One last thought on “Listening to History…”  I liked this so much, I used it as my FB profile picture.  I have been having concentration problems and have not been reading books for quite some time, yet I am surrounded by them.  Seeing this head with a book tied to it instantly reminded me of the books next to my bed and that I am not going to learn by osmosis.   I wish I could get a miniature replica to put on my desk.


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