My First Short Story

I created a page today for my first short fiction, The Long-Reaching Arms of Circumstance. (there is also a link in the header)

I wrote this story in 2008 for a Creative Writing class.  The premise is real, but I filled it with fiction to try to understand what might have happened in the past.  I created a persona for the main character, John, to enhance the story and make it logical. This story deals with suicide and it’s effects on people, even generations later.

This is the only story I have written, but I have spent many hours dreaming up stories in my head.  I plotted this story out in my head first, so I knew where I was going, which made it much easier to write.  I haven’t read it in several years and have worried about it’s historical accurateness.  Please leave comments if you wish.  I would love to read them.


2 thoughts on “My First Short Story

  1. I stumbled onto your blog and I appreciate the trepidation that grips a new writer (I am pretty new myself). If you’d like to try out a fun concept blog I just started I am always looking for guest authors, my blog is all seven word stories. If you’d like to write some seven word stories and send them to me I will publish them and fully credit you of course. I’m not promising mass exposure or anything but I’d like to get a small group of regular contributors. I read your story by the way, you do dialog very well for a new writer.

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