We Now Interrupt Your Inspiring Thoughts with Breaking News!

Hurry!  Write it down before it’s gone.  I am learning this the hard way when it comes to writing for this blog.  One day last week my mind was a flowing river of inspiration, thoughts, and ideas; so much so that incoming news and emails would send me off into other directions.  I had multiple pages open in two browsers, notes and links waiting in Notepad.

Since I started this blog, I have wanted to write a post on the many venues that a person can find inspiration.  While I was writing about some current event for my other blog, This Caught My Attention, I received an email notification that an old friend of mine commented on a post from this blog.

What I love about what you just wrote is that you took something that one time was nearly paralyzing to you and have turned into a hobby, an outlet, and something to help others who have or are experiencing some of the same things in life.  How incredible is THAT???  I really do think you have a gift and when writers are able to express their raw emotion, it helps others relatable and know that they are not alone is this big and sometimes mean, unfair world.

It was instant inspiration—thoughts were flying in all directions—yes, I ’m going to write the post—or not.  I wrote the post title, and then clicked a browser tab to copy a quote.  Wrong tab—local news—holy moly, there’s breaking news in the Detroit City Hall corruption scandal.  I am all over that, opening my current events blog, punishing my keyboard with my feverish pace.  I spent several hours writing, cruising for more information, posting quotes.  Later that evening I felt exhausted and alive, with my inspired blog post left cold in draft status.  The next day I was, again, immersed in City Hall.

I sent this email to a friend, my ex-husband.

I just had to ask someone qualified to answer.  Am I crazy?

Here’s the story…I have been writing for two days about the Kwame scandal updates, then today I asked myself, “What the hell are you doing?  What is this for?  I’m not a reporter.”  I’ve been getting a lot of search engine hits for Kwame and Jackie Kennedy.  I have followers from Caracus, New South Wales, and one named pimpdaddylovemuffin.  A Washington political paper called “The Hill” is following my blog on Twitter.  I can see writing stuff on my poem blog, but this is getting out of hand.

In case you were wondering, his response was, “Yes, you are.”

So here I am, avoiding writing the post by writing about avoiding the post.  Ugh!

Image:  from openlibrary.org


2 thoughts on “We Now Interrupt Your Inspiring Thoughts with Breaking News!

  1. I’m so guilty of procrastinating by searching the web for inspiration. Seriously, the internet is a killer. Sometimes I think it would be better to just write freehand and let the story come.

    Nice post. I saw it in the WordPress tag highlights.

    • Thank you for your comments. The internet is a big problem for me. I have an attention-deficit issue that makes it even more difficult to stay on task. My online class started this week, so I am trying to stay focused on that.

      I read somewhere about an author who super-glued a plastic Ethernet plug into his laptop port so he couldn’t use the internet while writing. Now with Wi-Fi, it’s even harder to get away from it. Pencil and paper!

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