I just realized my goals are passive, negative goals.

The other day I visited Artboy68’s blog where he has a goal of drawing 100 portraits in 20 weeks—what an admirable goal.  I started to think about other goals I’ve heard about:  WordPress’ Post a Day, reading a list of classics by the end of the year, working out 4 days a week.  I admire people who set such goals and work hard to reach them.

These are what some call active or positive goals.  I spent the last few days thinking about this and realize that when I set goals, they are passive or negative goals:  starting today I will not drink coffee, I will not eat as many carbs, and I will not read fiction or watch movies while taking classes.

I haven’t gotten anywhere with these types of goals.  I have never been one to set positive goals because I fold…always.  I have always had a hard time finishing things.  I have been wondering why I have not turned the stubbornness it takes to accomplish the “not” goals toward accomplishing positive goals.

I guess just realizing that I do set negative goals is the first step.  I think I will try setting some small, short-term positive goals and see what happens.

Well, I just looked at the last sentence—I think I will try

Changing lifelong habits doesn’t happen overnight.


2 thoughts on “I just realized my goals are passive, negative goals.

  1. Yes indeedy.. I recognise this ! When I started my photography blog I knew I could and would post a photograph a day but if you look at my about page I am hedging my bets!
    Mind you I suppose my 1500 Saturdays blog is a bit more of a positive goal.

    Very interesting reflectiveness..

  2. Thank you. I have always known that I have a problem following through with things, but I never quite thought of it in this way. I would like to make more specific goals…something like “I will write two posts a week.”

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