Artboy68’s 100 Portraits in 20 Weeks — I’m number 67

I heard about “Artboy68” blog 100 Portraits in 20 Weeks from a wonderful blog Draw and Shoot by Canadian artist and photographer Karen McRae.  She was portrait number 39.

Yesterday I received an email from Scott telling me I was portrait 67.  He sketched my blog profile picture and posted it on his site with some really nice comments.  Thank you, Artboy.

A worthy and noble cause it is:  searching for enlightenment.  Liza’s posts are a collection of musings and experiences based on her inspirations, including, “books, music, lyrics, poetry, fiction, well-written dramas, plus interaction with others and a lot of deep thinking.”  While drawing her portrait, I couldn’t help but get the sense that this is the face of a genuine, open and honest person.  Check out her blog and see for yourself!

This is portrait 67 of 100.  I might just catch up this week.

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To enter to win the 100th portrait (acrylic painting) even if I’ve drawn you before, go here

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I thought this sculpture was ugly, until…

I saw the photograph I had taken of it as the tram I was riding passed by in the distance.  The sculpture, called “Male/Female,” is located at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI.  It was crafted in aluminum by American artist Jonathan Borofsky in 2001 and is several stories tall.  It just seemed jarring, juxtaposed with the wild grasses of the gardens.

When I downloaded the picture, I was shocked.  The sculpture seemed to blend into the gray, cloudy sky, softening the edges, making her look vulnerable against the elements.  I couldn’t stop staring it, thinking it like a women, standing tall in the face of the world.

It is amazing…the power of photography.